Teaching experience

Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching based on student evaluations (2012)

Introduction to Comparative Politics
Head Teaching Fellow (Fall 2013)
Teaching Fellow (Fall 2011)
Professor: Steve Levitsky

Sophomore Tutorial: Democracy
Head Teaching Fellow (Spring 2014)
Teaching Fellow (Spring 2012; Spring 2014)
Professors: Daniel Ziblatt (2012), Nancy Rosenblum (2012; 2014), Steve Ansolabehere (2014)

Course evaluations
Scale: 1-5 (5=excellent)

Sophomore Tutorial: Democracy (Spring 2012)

TF Overall: 4.83

Facilitates discussion/encourages participation: 5
Accessible outside class: 5
Generates enthusiasm: 5
Gives useful feedback: 4.83

Excerpts from comments:

Shelby was an incredible Section Leader. […] I actually looked forward to section each week and felt like I got a lot out of our discussions. Shelby is also a phenomenal teacher and made everything very clear and easy to understand. I was very lucky to have her as a Section Leader.

Great at presenting the material in an easy and fun way. Very helpful with papers and always willing to lend a hand. Helped me grow as a writer.

Shelby was truly excellent TF. She was fantastic at facilitating discussion and was great at simplifying things so that everyone could understand what was going on. I always felt like I could comfortably speak up in section because even if my comment was stupid, she would twist it in a way that encouraged discussion about what was said. She was also great at applying what we were talking about to her work experience. This allowed us to gather a real-world perspective on the course material.

Discussing course material with Shelby was a great way to synthesize information gained through readings and lecture. I think the best part about Shelby was how willing she was to help formulate ideas for paper assignments, and how accessible she was outside of class. She also tried to keep section discussions varied. I really appreciated our debates, matchmaking exercises, articles, videos and other creative teaching approaches that kept section interesting.

I loved being in Shelby’s section. She is the best TF I have ever had. She facilitated interesting discussions and brought in new material and information that made everything really applicable.

Introduction to Comparative Politics (Spring 2012)

TF Overall: 4.27
Facilitates discussion/encourages participation: 4.33
Accessible outside class: 4.6
Generates enthusiasm: 4.2
Gives useful feedback: 4.4

Excerpts from comments:

[…] Any effort put into the class by students was returned tenfold in her enthusiasm for leading discussion and the counterarguments that she would pose to help students develop their ideas.

Shelby is great at synthesizing all the readings from the past week and encouraging a discussion on how they relate to each other . She also knows how to mix up the section format (i.e. West Wing clips, British parliament video) to keep it interesting.

Shelby absolutely cares about teaching and was always willing to help students outside of class. She varied the format of section and adjusted her teaching after receiving our mid-term feedback. A great section leader!

Shelby is awesome! Very knowledgeable and clear in her explanations. I really appreciated her effort in bringing different mediums of learning into section […]. I also liked working with other people to make concept maps. I appreciated the non-intimidating atmosphere of section. I think it helped generate enthusiasm because people were willing to jump in more.

She was such a great section leader. She was incredibly prepared for section and was so helpful in comprehending the diverse readings while still generating discussion on topics of interest.