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What do Liberian fighters in Cote d’Ivoire get paid?

I recently posted an excerpt from an Africa Confidential article [gated] which claimed: “The daily rate for a Liberian mercenary is around US $500.”

As many of you have noted, this seems absurdly high.  John Palmquist (@ttsivkmlap) has suggested it might be 500 Liberian Dollars.  (About US $7.)    A commenter who I think wants to remain anonymous wrote:

$500 seems exceptionally high for Liberian mercenaries.  When Guinea was recruiting in 2009 (in the months following the massacre), they were offering would-be mercenaries in Monrovia $150  and a gun, along with unclear promises of pay schemes while in Guinea.

I agree with John that the reporter probably didn’t understand that a source was referring to Liberian dollars.


Liberian mercenaries in Cote d’Ivoire

Guerrilla fighters in the Forces Nouvelles, loyal to Ouattara, are marching southwards. They have been pushing through the former United Nations-patrolled buffer zone dividing the country. FN fighters are on the offensive in the west, trying to stop Liberian mercenaries paid by Gbagbo from crossing the border. We hear both sides are using mercenaries but Gbagbo is much more reliant on them. The daily rate for a Liberian mercenary is around US$500, another drain on the outgoing President’s finances.

That’s from a new (gated) Africa Confidential article.