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Is the Special Court for Sierra Leone setting itself up for embarrassment?

In a decision that genuinely surprised me, judges ordered a subpoena be issued to compel Naomi Campbell to testify.  But how will the subpoena be enforced?  It’s not clear to me anyone can force Campbell to testify.

The judges ruled that the subpoena for Ms. Campbell should be issued, and ordered that the Registrar ensure it is served on Ms. Campbell and to the “responsible authorities” of the state in which Ms.Campbell lives (the United Kingdom).

That’s from the Trial of Charles Taylor blog.

Maybe the subpoena will shame Campbell into testifying?


Chucky Taylor trial update

Johnny Dwyer is following Chucky Taylor’s appeal process from Miami.  Dwyer says:

Central to Taylor’s appeal is the view that Congress overstepped its authority in writing the federal anti-torture statute.

…The arguments also addressed other issues in the appeal: whether conspiracy can be a separate charge under [Convention Against Torture], whether the firearms charges Taylor was also convicted under could be applied extraterritorially.

For background on the case, see Dwyer’s Rolling Stone piece.