On business cards in Nigeria

Elnathan John has a funny post on business cards in Nigeria. Here are some excerpts:

When I say I don’t want children, they greet me with surprise. But when I say I have no business card (not that I have run out of cards) they greet me with horror. I get the you-are-an-evil-alien-that-deserves-to-die look. […]

Make it nice, firm, glossy. Or gold embossed if you have anything to do with His Excellency the President or His Excellency, The Executive Governor. […]

Make sure you have at least three phone numbers on the card. This shows you have at least three phones. No self-respecting business Nigerian takes this for granted. True, one of the phones may be a cheap China dual-sim phone but nobody can tell–three numbers show you don’t muck around with your business. It is not your fault that not a single network provider in Nigeria can be relied upon.


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