Obiang donates money to non-opposition opposition parties

From Global Voices, via Ethan Zuckerman:

According to MalaboNews, on Christmas Eve 2012, apparently trying to show off to the international community, the president donated the sum of 60 million Central African Francs [US $120,000] to twelve ‘opposition’ political parties. Samuel Obiang (no relation) wrote in blog [fr] Coup de gueule de Samuel:

“The majority of these parties led by the friends of President Obiang Nguemas think of their party as a veritable source of funds – a ‘business’ as the Equatorial Guineans call it.”

There is really only one, maybe two, opposition parties in Equatorial Guinea. And only one of  them has a single representative in the legislature. Every other representative belongs to a party that is in a coalition with the ruling party.


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