Did I get on the wrong plane?

99% of the passengers disembarking a flight from Abuja to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea were white men.

2012-12-03 19.07.29


One thought on “Did I get on the wrong plane?

  1. Pablo

    The mostly white men on the Frankfurt to Malabo (Luftansa) & Paris to Malabo (Air France) flights are usually oil rig workers returning from a few months off at home (often, I’ve found, in Scotland & Russia) for several months more working intense, long offshore. They always seemed to sleep better than me on the flight, as I can never help but be hypnotized by the binding hours over the Sahara Desert’s breathtaking infinity.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more about your trip. Did you stay on Bioko or were you visiting the mainland? More importantly, is EG a place you would visit again? I always look forward to returning to EG. The wit & music of Ecuatoguinean Spanish is *so* distinct. And the vast majority of the folks I’ve met there have been muy, muy wena onda, as they say.

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