Obama’s radio chips


Many Nigerians I speak with don’t like Obama anymore, mostly because of Obama’s support for gay marriage. But the #2 complaint about Obama is his initiative requiring all Americans to have a radio chip implanted in their body. I was talking to a trader this morning, and decided to ask where he had heard this. He pulled out his phone and brought up a text message, pictured above. Maybe the rumor emerged from discussion of electronic medical records? I’m not sure, but I think it has caught on here because Nigerians are predisposed to be suspicious of Obama because of his position on gay rights.

When I questioned whether this policy was true, I was accused of not being a real Christian.

In case it’s not legible, here is the text: “The govt of USA has just passed d Obama’s Health Care bill 2 law, it ll be implemented  23/03/2013. Dis bill entails dat all Americans must hav a Radio Frequency Id chip implanted in their right hand skin or forehead in order to access medical service. D prophecy of 666 is being confirmed. Pls be READY! @ all times, Dn’t miss the rapture. Pls 4ward dis sms 2 to those you care 4. B strong as we wait 4 d comin of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, Send dis”


3 thoughts on “Obama’s radio chips

  1. Laura Seay

    My research assistants brought this up today and I was so glad you’d written this so I knew what they were talking about! The thing about radio chips being implanted in people’s bodies as the mark of the Beast (from Revelation, the 666 and all) is an old idea. It’s been around for at least twenty years; we were taught about it when I was in high school 20 years ago. The idea is that Christians who believe during the Tribulation (don’t ask) who refuse to be implanted won’t be able to access anything because one day we’ll all be buying food, etc. with microchips implanted in our arms rather than Visa cards. Interesting to see that this has morphed with health care as time has gone by. But I’d be willing to bet it mostly came out through the fringe out there that believes Obama to be the antichrist (who is supposed to be the one making people take on the mark of the Beast/microchip).

  2. Ben Martins

    Ma colleague at work received that same text and i,on ma own have read the full article and how it was signed and sealed from the US senate and why it was written….lets just be expecting rapture cos this is exactly what it is…the Bible,like you all know it made it known that before anything like the mark of the beast,RAPTURE will have ta take place first…many signs have been seen about the end of our world…recently, i read an article about how cloud suddenly formed an angel in PRETORIA South Africa and everyone thought it was rapture and they began ta sing praise and worship ta the heavens….its really end time and at this time,one has ta turn ta God,the author and finisher of our faith…PEACE…

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