Tim Hetherington killed

Tim Hetherington was killed today in Libya.  He was the absurdly brave cameraman for the best documentary on Liberia, Liberia: An Uncivil War.   

Here’s a very powerful video diary he put together 3 months ago, via Glenna Gordon.  It reminds me of Apocalypse Now.  It’s the kind of video that re-sensitizes you to the horror of the Liberia war. See especially from 1:40 to 1:59.


Glenna also has a beautiful post remembering him.

Here’s one of my favorite of his Liberia pictures:



10 thoughts on “Tim Hetherington killed

  1. Matt Jones

    Such a loss. A living legend of classic, intrepid journalism, but also a true friend of the Liberian people. Praying that Chris Hondros, another great ally of Liberians, will make it through his injuries.

  2. PanAfrican1

    My sympathy goes to the Journalist’s family and hope the others pull through in good nick.

  3. Aki

    Shame on Obama, Sarcozy and Cameron for letting this happen. NATO should never have invaded a sovereign country.

  4. PanAfrican1

    Quite right Aki, NATO has no business being in Libya and the UN resolution 1973 gives the European nations too much wiggle room to impede on Libyan sovereignty . Ban Ki Moon is just a puppet who repeats just about anything Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy says. They should indeed be held responsible for the deaths of any so-called journalists’ or spy’s death. I also wonder how Tim Hetherington got into Misrata because I suspect he got into the city illegally via Benghazi and as such also wonder if his and the other gentleman’s death would be counted as collateral damage just like the Libyan civillians killed by NATO and their Arab lackeys. In essence, my question, who is responsible?

  5. Shelby Post author

    PanAfrican1, I deleted your comment because I thought the part about Palestine was inappropriate. I hope you understand.

  6. PanAfrican1

    Shelby Grossman, fortunately, I do not understand. Are you suggesting that Palestine in not occupied? Or are you suggesting that I do not have a right to an/my opinion? This is really sad as I do not think the decision as per my comment being inappropriate is not one for you or anyone to make. Has this affected you personally? Even if it has, do I not have the moral right to express my opinion? Anyway, thanks so much for the freedom of expression. There is always an end to everything and only the TRUTH shall remain.

  7. PanAfrican1

    Shelby Grossman, You don’t have anything to be sorry about as I am in no way compromised and my conscience remains intact and clear. I’m glad you know my position on morality and the truth. Finito.
    To Aki, I was recommending a site to you named Pan-African News Wire before it was removed. I trust you’ll enjoy it. I also seek your opinion with regards to culpability of the “photo-journalist” Hetherington’s death. Being that he must have gotten into Misrata via Benghazi, i.e supposedly without legal permit, do you think the Libyan government or the insurgents is responsible for his demise?

  8. Aki

    I have not read the Pan-African news wire story yet. However the blame squarely rest with Obama, Sarcozy and Cameron . For Obama it is America’s payback time for what they feel was Libya’s complicity in the the Pan Am bombing. What Obama forgets is that George W. Bush was slowly bringin Gaddaffi into the fold of the West. We know that Gaddaffi had WMD and gues where they are today ? In the United States after he willingly gave them up. Sarcozy is using this war to hopefully shore up his dreadful poll numbers before the next election. I don’t think this will work seeing how badly the war campaign is going so far.
    Last but not least. is David Cameron. Well he is just so embarrased that the doctors overthere were so inept that they said the Pan Am bomber had only three months to live but in most likely hood may outlive the three leaders who spear headed this war.

  9. PanAfrican1

    So is it safe to say the “West” has got blood on their hands yet again? All these wars just to spur on a mysterious event.

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