Harry Greaves Jr. recommended for sanctions in old version of TRC report, but removed from final report

The Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission report was published on the TRC website last night. The title page said “unedited” in big letters. This morning it was retracted. For a few hours there was no report on the website, then it was re-posted. The report still says “unedited,” but friends pointed out some changes in the list of people that the TRC recommends be sanctioned.

Fortunately I had saved the original report to my computer. I compared the list of people the TRC wants sanctioned. The original had 52 people. The new one has 50. So who are the two that appeared in the first one, but not the second?

Harry Greaves Jr. and Cllr. Rogers.

Greaves is the managing director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company. Greaves, like Sirleaf, did not like former president Samuel Doe. He has admitted to supporting Thomas Quiwonkpa’s unsuccessful 1985 coup attempt, and supported Taylor financially in the late 1980s.

So why was his name removed from the list? Political pressure? Because he admitted to his support of Taylor? These are just guesses. Anyone know?

Also, does anyone know who Cllr. Rogers is? No first name was given.

Update: Kate Thomas has an article in Voice of America on the mysterious retraction.

2 thoughts on “Harry Greaves Jr. recommended for sanctions in old version of TRC report, but removed from final report

  1. Saki

    TRC must be joking! The credibility the TRC should be seriously questioned. Should we believe the 50 names? What happened to the 2? TRC, the world is watching you closely.

  2. Paul

    Unless we get an explanation from TRC, lets consider this report incomplete. The very fact that this has created doubt is troubling and calls into the credibility of the report itself.

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